Design Features

The Possibilities Are Endless.

Everyone says that though, so we’re going to put our money where our mouths are.

Let’s Start With Basic WordPress Design Features.

Regardless of what your business is, or what type of website you want, there are a few things that everyone must have.

A way to communicate.

Contact forms, one-touch dial phone numbers on mobile, chat capability, etc.

Social Media Integration.

Social accounts are a must, but based on your demographic, you need to choose the right ones.

Security Certificate.

SSL certificates provide a ranking boost in search engines, and piece of mind for your users.

Up-To-Date Technology.

Did you know most web languages expire? Extend the life of your site with clean code.

Additional WordPress Design Features.

Depending on your business, product or service, after the basics, the features can vary wildly depending on what you need specifically. For example, an attorney website would likely need additional communication functionality in the form of a case review or an open window chat feature. Whereas a salon might just need an appointment making system. There are an unlimited amount of features we can create and implement for you, these are just some of the most common.

A Way to Sell Things.

Video or Animation.

Audio Downloads.

Picture/ Media Gallery.

Quizes/ Questionnaire's.

Chat Capability.

Online Courses.

Member Directory.

Social Media Feeds.

Multi-Lingual/ Translation.

Reservations/ Appointments.

Private Forums.

Do you need a media rich display?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Which is handy since users respond more to powerful and engaging visuals interlaced with text as opposed to just text alone.

Are you in the dining or restaurant business?

You can write about how amazing your food or service is all day long, but when it comes to this type of business, great pictures of your food, stylish features, and clearly laid out menus are all you need.

Have any products you’d like to feature?

Put them front and center in a stylish but non-obtrusive way. Featured products, special items, sales, and even the services your company provides can be highlighted in a carousel or slider.

Simple & Sleek Photo Gallery?

Photos Provided by Classic Vintage Rentals